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Thank you for choosing our products! Xinhua Machinery not only to provide you with first-class quality products, but also to bring you the best and best service. In order to protect your legitimate rights and interests, free from your worries, to make the following warranty service commitments, and to provide you with the following services:

1 companies in strict accordance with the requirements of the contract and technical specifications to choose the best program, and a comprehensive process quality tracking, monitoring, testing, to ensure product quality;

2 set up the user service technical files for the after-sale tracking service;

3 the company's products, since the date of purchase within one year, the company to provide you with free on-site service, after the expiration of the warranty, will provide life-long maintenance, depending on the situation to receive appropriate maintenance costs;

4 where my company sold the products are to provide users with product specifications, product qualification certificate, packing list and related technical information, and free training for the operator.

Customers in the process of using the product, if the product can not be normal use, you can consult the customer service department immediately, and will be used in the product types and specifications, the use of the environment, fault, purchase date and service requirements in detail. After the after-sales service department put forward the proposal, still can not be resolved, and then decided to send someone or other treatment.

After sales service Tel:13794145334