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ZLD-5 Automatic Standing Pouch Filling and Lid-tightening Machine






Product Features:
This machine is suitable for filling different kinds of liquid, such as Jam, Chocolate Paste, Juice, Milk, Soya-bean Milk, Jelly, Beverage, Cleanser and ect., in standing nozzle pouch.
Machine working flows: This machine fully-automatic running.
Automatic Pouch Sending→ Rationed Filling(add Nitrogen at same time) → Spout Cleaning→ Cap tidy and cover→ Cap screwing→ End-product Discharging.
Sensor detecting to make sure no pouch no filling, liquid level in storage tank is automatic controlled, the filling volume is accuracy.
This machine can be added or reduced function according to customer’s requirement, with rational construction and advance performance, is the optimal standing pouch packing machine.
Electrical and pneumatic parts adopted on machine is world famous brand from Germany, Japan, France and ect.,
This machine is equipped plastic steel glass cabinet with sterilizing, air filter device, make the packing room aseptic. Whole machine made of acid and alkali resistant materials, meet food hygienic grade.
Main technical data: